7 Best Airbnb Rentals in Baguio City

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Baguio City, in the Cordilleras, is a popular tourist destination for Filipino locals. It’s up in the mountains where the temperatures are cooler than the rest of the country. Because of its high altitude and topography, many Filipinos from nearby provinces visit in the summer when temperatures get unbearably hot.

Baguio City Airbnb Rentals

While the City is beaming with hotels, apartments and overnight lodging, a better and cheaper option are Airbnbs. Airbnbs are the perfect accommodation for Baguio travelers on a budget, without compromising comfort and some luxuries.

Here are the 7 best Airbnb rentals that you can find in Baguio City.

Le Coq Bleu, a French home. Loft room

Le Coq Bleu, a French home. LOFT room - Cottages for Rent in Baguio CityLe Coq Bleu, a French home. LOFT room – Cottages for Rent in Baguio CityLe Coq Bleu, a French home. LOFT room for Rent in Baguio CityLe Coq Bleu, a French home. LOFT room for Rent in Baguio City

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Priced cheaply at USD 43 a night, you are truly getting a bang for your buck with this loft of 2 beds and 1 private bath. It is a shared space with the owners and offers a host-stay experience with locals.

With an indoor fireplace to warm you up, WiFi for all traveling nomads and bath essentials—Le Coq Bleu serves as the perfect accommodation for friends traveling to Baguio for relaxation.

Camp John Hay Forest Cabin 16 B201 (second floor)

Camp John Hay Forest Cabin 16 B201 AirbnbCamp John Hay Forest Cabin 16 B201 Airbnb

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If you want to be one with nature during your Baguio trip, this forest cabin is a good option. It offers the perfect contrast against the City proper with the location at the heart of Camp John Hay.

The entire second floor unit of this cabin can house up to 8 guests and provides access to parking space (which is scarce in Baguio) and a BBQ grill. There is also a full kitchen, cable TV, WiFi, and essentials along with other amenities.

The Wanderlust’s Haven in Baguio City

The Wanderlust's Haven in Baguio City - Apartments for Rent in Baguio CityThe Wanderlust’s Haven in Baguio City – Apartments for Rent in Baguio City

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This apartment boasts a clean and classic interior design that is relaxing to the eyes. With its cheap price, you already have access to 1 bedroom, 2 beds, a half-bath, kitchen, dryer and so much more.

The apartment has been rated by 10 recent guests of being sparkling clean and has received good feedback from previous renters.

The location of this apartment at the Dominican Hill Road is perfect as most landmarks are within a short distance. These include the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto that can be reached with a 3-minute walk, Burnham Park, and Session Road that are less than a 10-minute drive.

Forest Lodge (The Loft Family Room #444)

Forest Lodge Lofts for Rent in BaguioForest Lodge Lofts for Rent in Baguio

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Yet another listing from Camp John Hay makes it into this list. The Loft Family Room is considered to be the best deal in Baguio City and offers the entire loft of 1 bedroom, 4 beds, and 2 baths.

It offers a simple and cozy design with creams, whites, and furnishing. It also offers a view of the seventh hole of the Camp John Hay golf course. The location also has access to restaurants, groceries, and shopping for your own convenience and preferences.

French Nest @ Baguio

French Nest Airbnb BaguioFrench Nest Airbnb Baguio

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The French Nest offers a taste of Parisian interior decor and relaxation. The location is ideal as it is only a 3-minute walk to Session Road, at the foot of Baguio Cathedral and just a 5-minute walk from SM Shopping Mall. This is what you actually want for accommodation in Baguio as traffic can be tough and riding on taxis can get expensive.

It has 1 bedroom, 3 beds, and 1 bath—perfect for a family of 4 or a small group of friends. It has access to a functioning kitchen, WiFi, hairdryer, and other amenities.

Cedar peak Condo @ the very centre of Baguio City

Cedar peak Condo Airbnb BaguioCedar peak Condo Airbnb Baguio

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Cedar Peak Condo offers a clean and cozy style perfect for tucking away after a day’s worth of activities in the City. With 1 bedroom, 1 bed and 1 bath, previous guests have thoroughly enjoyed their stay—rating the condo sparkling clean and the location with 5 stars.

Located in Cedar Peak, the heart of Baguio City, it is near landmarks such as Burnham Park, Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, and Camp John Hay. These landmarks are all City must-visits.

Mountain Views from a fabulous flat

Airbnb in Baguio with Mountain ViewAirbnb in Baguio with Mountain View

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The main feature of this flat is its view of the nearby Cordillera mountains. It sits on top of a hill and provides an even better ambiance than City-centre lodging.

It has 1 bedroom, 2 beds, 1 bath and offers a chic and modern style. The location is also near the Bencab Museum and is perfect for golfers and nature-lovers looking for the natural side of Baguio.

Book any of these 7 Airbnbs on your next trip to Baguio City and you will surely enjoy a comfortable, relaxing, and stress-free stay.

*Baguio City Airbnb Rates may change without prior notice. Please check Airbnb for updated rates, room availability, and Airbnb promotions.

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