Fez Bucket List: Top 10 Best Things To Do In Fez, Morocco

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On the outskirts of the limelight, one will find the magnificent 1,200-year-old city of Fez. Its neighboring popular cities, Casablanca and Rabat, are considered by many as inferior in beauty, quality of life, and range of activity. To know more about this hidden gem of Morocco, we’ve compiled only the most fascinating things you can do while at Fez.

Stroll the streets of Old Fez

Exploring the streets of Old Fez by Carlos Ibanez via unsplash

The streets in Old Fez is no less than a jewel to the city. It is an ancient-looking Arabesque town with 9,500 narrow car-free streets frequented by donkeys that aid the vibrant trade in the market square. Old Fez is locally known as Fes El Bali, where many souk vendors sell perfumes, spices, lamps, leather, and tastiest food choices. Since the meaningful past is visible in the present through this idyllic town, Fes El Bali has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1981. Make sure you walk around its alleyways for sightseeing, cultural tripping, dining, picture-taking, and souvenir shopping.

See Al-Karaouine, a Guinness World Records title holder

Courtyard of the mosque with the 10th-century minaret, seen from inside one of the two 17th-century Saadian pavilions. by Abdel Hassouni via Wikipedia CCCourtyard of the mosque with the 10th-century minaret, seen from inside one of the two 17th-century Saadian pavilions. by Abdel Hassouni via Wikipedia CC

Also known as the University of al-Qarawiyyin, this educational institution is known as the oldest existing and operating among its kind. The calibre of this university among Muslims is aspirational. To be admitted, a Muslim student ought to have memorized Islam’s holy Quran in full while exuding an impressive command of the Arabic language.

If you love the peace, calm, and grandeur of mosques, there are any mosques within the area. The Kairaouine Mosque, one of the largest in Africa, is a sight to behold.

Appreciate the artistry in Morocco’s mosaic water fountains

mosaic water fountainsmosaic water fountains

Fez is bountiful in water fountains, also known as seqqaya. This small city has around 60 seqqaya, and you will see them beautifully adorning various corners. The Nejjarine fountain is one of the finest in the city. It features colorful mosaic-like tilework, a pattern known as zellige. Brighten up your smiles and be all the more photogenic by taking a photo against the lively-looking fountains.

Sip coffee by the rooftop of Funduq al-Najjariyyin

Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts by Josep Renalias via Wikipedia CCNejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts by Josep Renalias via Wikipedia CC

The Najjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts is one of the most beautiful museums in Fez. After being taken back to Morocco’s memory lane, you can lounge at the rooftop cafe. You’ll be amazed at the panoramic view of the city.

Watch metalwork in action

Moroccan LampsMoroccan Lamps

The city of Fez is known for its traditional crafts. Through its labyrinth-like alleys, souks will bombard you with useful and artisan-made pieces. You will find ornate lamps, dainty tea sets, musical instruments, shisha pipes, well-made carpets, plates, and gleaming jewelry in most souks. Souk Seffarine is primarily known for affordable choices of lamps and other home metal works. You can watch coppersmiths designing these items to perfection, all for a more beautiful-looking home. Enrich the focal point of your home and your travel by visiting the busy marketplace in Saeffarine.

Take a class that allows you to cook like a Moroccan

Cooking in TajineCooking in Tajine

There are many cooking classes in Fez where tourists and locals can learn about scrumptious Moroccan cuisine and bread making. Some cooking classes last for only 3 hours where you will be taught your preferred Moroccan dish. Other classes take more time. Many tourists fall in love with lamb with prunes, and you’ll see the knifework behind this, as shown by seasoned and skilled chefs. Khobz, a Moroccan white bread has become a staple craving even for non-Moroccans. Imagine being able to make this in your kitchen! Make sure you shop for the necessary ingredients from any nearby souk, and you’ll surely master khobz-making in no time.

Attend a fez-tival

This city is home to many well-celebrated festivals. If you love music and you will be in Moroccan in June, you’re right in time for the city’s most highly regarded celebration. Every June, global musicians from the UK and North America gather to make the World Sacred Music event happen. Sufi music is also celebrated in Fez around April in the courtyard of the Musée Batha. This Fez Festival of Sufi Culture is a rare opportunity that only happens in Morocco. There are many other celebrations you can join, and they’re sure to give you a clearer glimpse of the city and country as a whole.

Get yourself an amazing leather find

Leather Bags MoroccoLeather Bags Morocco

Fez is home to many tanneries which specializes in smooth, supple, and quality Moroccan leather. Many tours are available so you can see how the raw materials are made for a status-enriching leather handbag. Leathers from Fez are not only educational to watch, but they are also great buys. They are well designed and durable without breaking your bank. If you love long-lasting bags, wallets, and jackets, make sure you try Moroccan products out.

Explore the Marinid Tombs

Marinid Tombs by Mx Granger via Wikipedia CCMarinid Tombs by Mx Granger via Wikipedia CC

Atop a hill in northern Fez lies this 14th-century tomb. The Marinids once conquered Fez and on this site lies their remains. Their mausoleums are rectangular with large arches that almost resemble a Grecian pillar. Sitting on a hill, you can see a great view of Fez when you look into the horizon. This tourist attraction is certainly nothing short of stunning sights, from different angles.

Enjoy a breath of fresh air at Borj Nord Arms Museum

The palace-like fort that is Borj Nord is nothing short of beautiful. It is Portuguese in style, created in the 1500s as a jewel-encrusted defense structure for the city. Today, you can visit it as a museum and a fascinating edifice. Contrary to popular belief, Morocco is not always hot. Although it is situated in Africa, it is cooled by the breezes of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Make sure you pack clothes that will keep you warm. Otherwise, that’s a great excuse to buy another elegant piece form the souk!

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