Where to Stay in Pangasinan: 5 Best Hotels in Pangasinan

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Pangasinan is gradually rising as a tourism powerhouse of the country. It offers a wide variety of tourism experiences: from sunny beaches, to cave and island hopping, to religious pilgrimages, to animal kingdoms, to delicious food trips and so much more. If you ever find yourself in the amazing province of Pangasinan, we have compiled a list of the 5 best hotels that you can stay in. These hotels are found across the island, from the West to Central Pangasinan and across the East.

Lenox Hotel

Lenox Hotel in Dagupan

Address: Rizal St, Downtown District, Dagupan, Pangasinan

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This hotel is located in downtown Dagupan, which is one of the major cities of Pangasinan, and serves as its center of commerce. Dagupan is well known as the Bangus (Milkfish) Capital of the Philippines.

Lenox Hotel offers a chic and elegant style that is perfect for resting and relaxation. It prides itself as a hotel for businesses, and its committed and accommodating staff.

All 34 rooms of Lenox Hotel are air-conditioned and have WiFi access. Amenities include function rooms to accommodate business events, encore KTV rooms with projector screens and widescreen TVs, and other business-related amenities

Star Plaza Hotel

Star Plaza Hotel DagupanStar Plaza Hotel Dagupan

Address: AB Fernandez Ave, Downtown District, Dagupan, 2400 Pangasinan

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Star Plaza Hotel is also located in Dagupan City, right after the Magsaysay Bridge that runs over the Pantal River. At night, this hotel is illuminated by colored lights that give a festive, alluring glow.

The best thing about the Star Plaza Hotel is the food—it is top-notch. Dining in this hotel has always been a pleasure for me because of the usage of clean, and distinct tastes that overwhelm the palette.

Star Plaza Hotel has air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TVs, WiFi access in any area, and free private parking. Selected rooms have seating areas and balconies for better comfort and enjoyment.

Mark’s Hotel

Mark’s Hotel in UrdanetaMark’s Hotel in Urdaneta

Address: Cayambanan Rd, Urdaneta, Pangasinan

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Mark’s Hotel is located in Urdaneta City, which is the gateway city to Eastern Pangasinan, opening up to towns of Tayug (well known for the Sunflower Maze) and Rosales (largest SM mall in the province),

Mark’s Hotel offers simple but elegant designs with amenities such as a pool, garden, dartboard games, massage parlors, and smoking areas. Rooms are provided with air-conditioning and WiFi access, as well as flat-screen TVs.

It is notorious for having very accommodating staff and good housekeeping practices.

MC Hotel

MC Hotel in Lingayen PangasinanMC Hotel in Lingayen Pangasinan

Address: Solis Street, Lingayen, Pangasinan

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MC Hotel is a newly constructed hotel in Lingayen, the heart of Pangasinan, and the best place to buy Bagoong. Located in the town proper, the location is strategic in terms of nearby restaurants, shopping centers, markets, and the Lingayen Gulf.

The beauty of MC Hotel lies in its simplicity. Rooms are furnished for function and have air-conditioning and WiFi access. Bidets, hairdryers, fridges, and TVs are provided for the comfort and utility of all guests. MC Hotel also offers ground floor free parking.

Rooms are always kept clean by the friendly and accommodating staff. The accessibility of the location also offers lots of options for staying guests.

Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel Club

Puerto Del Sol Beach ResortPuerto Del Sol Beach Resort

Address: Barangay Ilog Malino, Patar Beach, Bolinao, Philippines

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This is a beach resort that is also a hotel club. It is located in Bolinao, one of the westernmost towns of Pangasinan. Bolinao is well-known for its white-sand beaches and cave systems that can be explored.

Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel Club offer countryside hospitality with elegant and majestic room decors. It has outdoor pools that stretch over the horizons, bahay kubo rooms, and tours that include a visit to the Patar White Beach and Bolinao Falls.

The rooms are quite expensive but is one of the best accommodations you can get in Bolinao.

Those were the 5 best hotels in Pangasinan. If you ever find yourself looking for accommodation in these areas, be sure to reference this list.

We will be covering the best beach resorts in Pangasinan on a separate list, to accommodate your out of town needs.

*Pangasinan Hotel Rates may change without prior notice. Please check Agoda for updated hotel rates, room availability, and hotel promotions.

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