4 hiking holidays for your next adventure

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While some go on vacation to relax by the pool, others look for a little more adventure on their next trip. Hiking holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years and span all corners of the world and offer experience at all levels. Not only will you explore new places, but you'll also get great training. Whether you are looking for a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike, there is a destination and route for almost everyone! From the deserts of Jordan to the shores of the Amalfi Coast, here are some of our most popular hiking areas for your next adventure.

Journey through Jordan

Photo courtesy of Butterfield & Robinson

Take a trip through the Middle East with Butterfield & Robinson's tour of Jordan. Hiking vacations like this are perfect for you if you are physically active at least once a week and don't mind sweating! You will explore Petra and all of its hidden wonders like small canyons and beautiful sandstone as you make your way to the Dead Sea and sacred Mount Nebo. The walks range from 5-10 miles on rocky trails of the area. You will also experience a few steeper climbs with breathtaking views that await you above! All hotel accommodations, meals and transportation are included in your tour with Butterfield & Robinson. They also have a private tour for avid hikers if you want to travel in a smaller group or even alone.

Hiking along the Amalfi coast

Hiking areas Italy Amalfi CoastPhoto courtesy of Exodus Travels

Are you looking for a leisurely stroll rather than an intense hike? Take a walk on the Italian Amalfi Coast with Exodus Travels and discover the beauty of the coast! With a beautiful mountain backdrop around these hiking areas, you hike from the Agerola plain to Positano and Ravello. You will also experience Pompeii and its remains under Vesuvius. The terrain consists of uneven paths with several steps, all at a low height. This hike takes place in small groups of 4-16 travelers, ages 16+. You also get seven nights in a local hotel with four days of walking and trekking, plus a full day of sightseeing. You can even try the fantastic local food and wine like real Italians!

The best from the west

Arizona Walking VacationPhoto courtesy of Grand American Adventures

If you'd rather stay in the US for your hiking vacation, there's no better hike than a tour of the West! When you book a trip with the Best of the West from Grand American Adventure, you'll see some of the most beautiful monuments and national parks in the Southwest. From Bozeman, Montana, enjoy a guided tour of Yellowstone, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and more while ending your trip in San Francisco. Each tour includes a purpose-built and air-conditioned private vehicle for when you are not on foot, with free WiFi and extra large windows for sightseeing. The group sizes are also smaller with a maximum of 13 guests for ten nights camping and four nights in a hotel.

Hike to Kilimanjaro

Hiking holiday in KilimanjaroPhoto courtesy of G Adventures

For those who are looking for a challenge and the adventure of a lifetime, the hike from G Adventure to Kilimanjaro is the right tour! Not only will you explore Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar, you'll also try to climb the world's highest free-standing mountain with the help of your trusted guides. This 11-day tour is for ages 12 and up and consists of groups with an average of 10 travelers. The journey begins in Moshi before setting off for the Mandara cliff, the Kilimanjaro saddle and a night hike via Stella Point to the summit. You can even experience local spice plantations and relax on the beach at Jambiani. The G Adventure tour includes a 5-day guided hike on the Kilimanjaro Marangu route, all permits, transportation, and local hotels and mountain huts.

Which of these hiking areas will you try out first? Maybe you are looking for a luxurious end to your hiking holiday? Visit one of these eco-luxury spa resorts around the world to relax and enjoy your post-adventure.

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