12 Best Beaches in Guimaras Island

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Despite tourism being a main industry in the Philippines, there are still some treasure vacation spots that are still tucked away in its 7,641 islands. One of those isles is the breathtaking Guimaras Island, an island province in the Western Visayas region of the country. It looks over the Panay Gulf and boasts ivory coasts, against blue stunning wonders.

Best Beaches in Guimaras Island

If you are ever presented with an opportunity of hopping on a plane and getting to Guimaras Island, do not miss it! It will be an experience in a mesmerizing tropical island paradise that you will surely not trade for anything else.

Guimaras is not only known for its pristine beaches and beach resorts, but it is also popular for its unique monasteries, interesting plazas, wonderful caves, historic shrines and churches, and other tourist attractions.

While the tourism industry of Guimaras exists, it is still striving to achieve great new heights. In this article, we’ll be touring around this island province for a wonderful glimpse of its best beaches.

Guimaras may be small, but remarkable destinations and beautiful beaches abound here. The province is also the Mango Capital of the Philippines.Guimaras may be small, but remarkable destinations and beautiful beaches abound here. The province is also the Mango Capital of the Philippines.

Best Time to Visit Guimaras

Guimaras shares seasons with the majority of the Philippines. It is recommended that you go to Guimaras during the summer season, which is also the driest season. This is the perfect climate to enjoy the blazing sun and the ocean.

The summer season is from January to May. The hottest it gets is in April and May.

Beaches in Buenavista, Guimaras

East Valencia Beach

East Valencia Beach in Guimaras photo by Volker Reiff via FacebookEast Valencia Beach in Guimaras photo by Volker Reiff via Facebook

This beach is actually the setting of historical battles during the Second World War. It was a battle fought by the troops of General McArthur, against the Japanese forces who tried to occupy the island that led to unpleasant historical memories. It was previously named “Mantatangi” by locals but was later called “East Valencia” by American troops who struggled with the pronunciation of the original name.

East Valencia is now one of Guimaras’ finest beaches with golden sands, clear waters, and swaying palm trees. There are lots of beach resorts that can serve as your accommodation during your stay.

We recommend staying in the Cecel Beach Resort and Island Grill which has pristine swimming pools, a volleyball court, air-conditioned rooms, and even shed houses.

Beaches in Jordan, Guimaras

Ave Maria Islet

Ave Maria Islet in Guimaras photo by Tiger Lila via FacebookAve Maria Islet in Guimaras photo by Tiger Lila via Facebook / @spicegalaclub

The Ave Maria Islet is a small island off the coast of Jordan’s Barangay Lawi. This is an island of an island and is a popular tourist destination because of its various marine activities that tourists can engage in.

You can feed the fishes, spot coral reef systems, go snorkeling, hop between islands, rent a boat—and so much more! The best thing is that all these activities are beginner-friendly, and you don’t need technical knowledge to be able to thoroughly enjoy them. The sands are still and the waters are mostly calm, while the beach remains a magnificent spot of land against the vast Panay Gulf.

Baras Beach

Baras Beach Resort by James Stevenson via Flickr CCBaras Beach Resort by James Stevenson via Flickr CC

Baras Beach offers a wide variety of beach resorts to choose from, as well as an assortment of fun activities to do. You can camp for the night with your friends, tour the whole area on a tricycle, or hop in between islands.

It is a relaxing beach that offers a rustic island that is perfect against the setting sun. Don’t forget to visit one of the caves in Baras Beach that houses Guimaras’ native wildlife!

Isla Naburot

Isla Naburot photo via FB PageIsla Naburot photo via FB Page

The true charm of Isla Naburot lies in the quiet and secluded privacy that it offers to its tourists. It is the place to be and enjoy a quiet vacation away from the stresses of your life, work, and social media noise.

The food is especially exquisite and delicious and it is definitely worth forgoing your diet for! At night, the whole island is illuminated by lamps and candles for an, even more, relaxing and romantic feel. There is also a free-growing garden for the nature lover within you.

Isla Naburot actually translates to “beautiful island”, and is also dubbed as the “island with a soul” because of its calm and serene beauty. For accommodation, there are only 6 villas within the island, with only 5 being open to the public. These villas offer excellent food, great hospitality, and local craftsmanship.

Tatlong Pulo Beach

Tatlong Pulo Beach photo via Guimarasnon Around the World FB PageTatlong Pulo Beach photo via Guimarasnon Around the World FB Page

Tatlong Pulo Beach, in Tatlong Pulo islet, is named as such because of the three karst formations within the island. Unlike the other beaches in this list, this one’s not so appealing to tourists despite its beauty. Its lack of popularity amongst tourists is mostly attributed to the lack of running electricity within the islet.

The Tatlong Pulo Beach Resort is the most recommended, as it offers the best views of the beach and the waters. There are cool natural-air cottages that you can rent for a true off-the-grid island adventure.

Beaches in Nueva Valencia

Alubihod Beach

Alubihod Beach by Jorry PaladaAlubihod Beach by Jorry Palada

The main highlight of Alubihod Beach is not its fine ivory beaches or still blue waters—it’s actually the rock formations that dot along the beachscape.

The most popular tourist activity in Alubihod Beach is to go on an island hopping tour along nearby islands of Baras Beach and Turtle Island. The most recommended accommodation is Raymen Beach Resort, which is the resort of choices for Iloilo locals who are looking to get away from the city for the weekend.

Guisi Beach

Guisi Beach by @gone_daiva via InstagramGuisi Beach by @gone_daiva via Instagram

Guisi Beach should not be missed if you are going on a tour to visit the famed 18-century Spanish Guisi Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built to provide guidance to mariners passing through the Iloilo-Guimaras Strait, but it is now a tourist attraction.

Guisi Beach may not be boasting white sand beaches or blue waters, but the true charm of this beach lies on its rustic and welcoming beachscape. There are lots of activities to do—from wading through waters, snorkeling, getting a tan, or even just to chill out by the beach.

Aside from the lighthouse, the Trappist Monastery on the island is also a must-visit. It is the only Trappist monastery in the whole country, and until now, it is still under operation with over 35 monks calling it their home.

Tando Beach

Tando Beach photo via Natures Eye ResortTando Beach photo via Natures Eye Resort

Tando, in Nueva Valencia, is still pretty much underdeveloped. This is precisely the reason why you will get to enjoy the beach in its raw and natural glory. The beach does not boast of white sand, but of interesting rock formations that serve as its coast. There are also jungles and lush greenery inside the actual island.

For accommodation, we recommend Nature’s Eye Resort that incorporates natural wooden huts into the very own wildlife of the island. It is a resort that capitalizes on the “au naturel” aspect of Tando. There are hammocks, rustic cottages, ocean-view rooms, cliff cottages, and other types of accommodation.

Tiniguiban Islet

Tiniguiban Islet by Anna Jane Vitug Oyong via FacebookTiniguiban Islet by Anna Jane Vitug Oyong via Facebook

The main attraction of Tiniguiban Islet isn’t the pretty beaches or the interesting rock formations, it’s actually the rare and bizarre viewing of red shrimps known as Pulang Pasayan.

While red shrimps aren’t rare, and we often find the seafood buttered or glazed in garlic in our plates, Pulang Pasayan, allows you to view the shrimps in their red and alive glory. However, the shrimps only come out when the tide is high enough that the seawater fills the ground basins.

Beaches in San Lorenzo

San Enrique Beach

San Enrique Beach photo via Vilches Beach Resort FBSan Enrique Beach photo via Vilches Beach Resort FB

San Enrique Beach offers wonderful scenery with a walking trail and a serene atmosphere. It’s best for paradise relaxation and enjoyment. The accommodation of choice for this island is Playa de Paraiso Beach Resort, which has the best view of the beach.

There are coconut trees all along the beaches, producing beautiful shadows against the sand during sunset. Playa de Paraiso provides great food and great rooms, leaving customers extremely satisfied. The resort offers a pool, recreation, and other amenities as well.

Beaches in Sibunag

Inampulugan Island

Inampulugan Island by Ma Nesa Jolipas via FBInampulugan Island by Ma Nesa Jolipas via FB

Inampulugan is an island off the mainland of Guimaras. It’s not as heard of as the other beaches in this list, but it still deserves a place of its own in this list. It doesn’t have the tourist fanfare of the other islands, and it’s perfect if you want to spend some time soul-searching away from any stress or emotional noise.

Costa Aguada offers great rooms, warm and welcoming staff, a private pool and a private beach, as well as a fully-equipped bar that has all the entertainment you need—card games, darts, billiards, and other more.

Nagarao Island

Nagarao Island ResortNagarao Island Resort

Sandy beaches, growing coral reefs, azure blue waters, a serene and desolate environment—these are all the main things that would describe Nagarao Island. You can also choose to go on island hopping tours, snorkel, sail, or engage in an island excursion.

Nagarao Island Resort is our special pick for a place to stay. It is an ecotourism resort that is ethically environmental in carrying out its operations. It offers tiled individual cottages and deliciously fresh seafood.

Those were the 12 best and most beautiful beaches hidden in the small island province of Guimaras. What are you waiting for? Get on a plane now and experience the beauty of Guimaras!

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