The Extended Ghorepani Trek, Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal

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The Extended Ghorepani Trek, Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal

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In the fall of 2016, I embarked on a two-month trip to Nepal. The Annapurna Circuit was temping me however, but I wanted to trek something shorter and less popular. When I discovered that I have five days with no plan, the Ghorepani trek seemed the perfect solution. Trekking in the Himalayas is a mus experience.

You will understand it when you will see the true immensity of those gigantic peaks. When you will have to look into the skies to see the peak and not at the horizon as we are used too. The Himalayas leave you speechless indeed, and the Ghorepani Trek has some great lookout points for viewing the ā€˜bigā€™, over 8000-meter summits.

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