Cebu Pacific Priority Boarding Available with premium seating for only PHP 350

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Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Cebu Pacific, the leading airline in the Philippines, will launch another customer initiative on October 28th with its latest Go Ahead offering, giving passengers priority boarding.

CEB is now offering Go Ahead, a feature that gives passengers priority boarding and premium seating for a minimal fee. In addition to selected seats with sufficient legroom, CEBs Go Ahead also offers large groups and families traveling together the security of choosing their preferred seat.

For only PHP 350, passengers flying to and from the Philippines can now buy a premium seat on all CEB flights and enjoy priority boarding and extra legroom. This offers maximum convenience for any Juan at a very affordable amount.

“We are delighted to be making this available to our domestic pilots so that they too can experience the convenience of flying with Cebu Pacific. With Go Ahead, passengers can secure space in the overhead lockers for their hand luggage before anyone else, ”said Candice Iyog, Vice President for Marketing & Customer Experience.

If you buy seats in advance, you can be sure that every Juan can sit with his companions wherever they want.

"Trust that we will continue to do everything we can to ensure that our service to our #MoreSmilesAhead passengers continues to improve," added Iyog.

The premium seating product from CEB can be used during the initial online booking for only PHP 350. It is also available for those who wish to add it for a slightly higher fee after receiving their travel plans via the CEB booking portal on the website. This benefit is also available for international flights from PHP 650.

Passengers are also advised to provide their own contact information and, if necessary, update their details via to receive email notifications of flight reminders and updates.

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